When the water comes

When the water comes – seasonless collection

‘What will you do?’

What if the water is coming, how are we going to respond to it and what will happen with our stuff? What do we do with our heritage and memories? Do we let it go and be lost in the water? Or are we going to try make our memories stay intact? Everyone has memories of the past, where he or she comes from has the greatest impact on your life and on your memories. It is hated and loved.

I only love my roots and my love for my roots lies in the regional costume of Zeeland, a place in the Netherlands. Specific the moment when I was playing on the beach with my grandmother and her friend who always wore regional costumes.  

By using elements from the Zeeland regional costume and this combining with elements of survival I want to make people aware of the danger of the rising sea level. The prints are coming from the past glory, the flood disaster and the folkloric love.