Attached. – seasonless collection

‘I do wat I want to do’

Currently, we live in a hyper-individual society, in which people increasingly belong to a group. People have more ideas and feel freer in their actions. Nevertheless, in the society there is still a clothing style associated with certain age and gender. Attach. wants to change this. The brand Attach. is all about getting rid of age associations and focusses itself on the identity of a person.

Every person has their own ideals, ambitions and interests and that makes everyone unique. Why would you hold on to old habits and associations if you could also express yourself?

Dress the way you want and let go of what others think of you. Attach. is all about natural dyeing, recycling and the ‘ageless society’. Attach. is different from typical street wear. New materials are created by combing second-hand clothing with natural dyes. This results into a mix of extreme color combinations.